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Healthy Dairy Farm Animals Of Different Breeds Giving Higher Yield Are Supplied By Us.

About Us

A thriving industry that is by all means increasing country's economy and indirectly providing nutrition in the form of proteins, vitamins and more to all consumers is Dairy Farming. Dairy farming has been in existence from many decades. This industry is ever booming as the need for milk and milk made items never lessens.

In order to contribute little in uplifting this industry more, Nand Pari Dairy Farms stepped in the industry as supplier and trader to supply well-maintained dairy farm animals like Sahiwal Cow, HF Bull, Murrah Buffalo, Jersey Cow and Sahiwal Calf. Our offered animals produce wholesome milk as they have been fed on time, well-vaccinated and cared properly. From providing them nutritious food to maintaining their health by giving them vaccinations on time, we are doing all and maintaining our animals.

It's been 38 years since the foundation of this company was laid, so with time the company has increased service in the industry and the number of recommenders by supply all maintained animals producing a good quantity and quality of milk at industry leading prices.

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Every expert knows his duty well which is why each of them make no delay in administering medication, feeding and managing waste.
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About Us

Choose Us Because We Are Worth Relying

Nand Pari Dairy Farms is a 1980 established company that is worth relying for getting dairy farm animals at affordable rates. Factors hinting why we are an ideal company worth partnering are as follows:
  • Our animals produce maximum quantities of milk
  • We bring to the market different breeds of animals
  • Grazing and housing of cows and buffaloes are done in right manner 
  • We do not fake promises and make sure delivery of ordered animal takes place on time.

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Pure Bread Gir Cow
65000.00 INR/Unit
1 Number
Hf Cow
55000.00 INR/Number
1 Number
Gir Cow
65000.00 INR/Unit
1 Number
High Yield Gir Cow
65000.00 INR/Unit
1 Number
Murrah Buffalo Calf
80000.00 INR/Pair
1 Number
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